Sign up instruction and information

for Manhattan Life Dental/Vision/Hearing plan

  • Please read completely before applying. (Always reach out to the agent if you have any questions).
  • There is 1 year waiting period for preexisting conditions and major services (including bridges, crowns, root canals, full dentures) Please see your policy for full benefits, exclusions, and limitations
  • No waiting period for preventive or basic services (including x-ray, fillings and extractions (other than "full mouth"))
  • $1000 and $1500 per policy year benefit options, $100 annual deductible
  • You can choose your dentist/optometrist
  • First year coverage-60% (up to policy benefit maximum), 70% (second policy year), and 80% (third policy year and thereafter)

  • Begin your application by clicking on the link below and click "get a quote"
  • Select applicant type, date of birth and so forth. Important  ***You must manually change the effective date field to today's date (it must be between 1-28)
  • Choose from $1000 or $1500 (recommended due to high dental/vision costs) option
  • Complete applicant(s) information
  • Under "billing section," choose "bank account." The carrier only accepts bank routing number and account number for monthly option. Set the draft date as the same date of application to simplify your billing
  • Under "general question" category, check "insured" for policy mailing
  • Continue with the questions. Last question will be "mother's maiden name"
  • Click "submit."

Click here to start your application

  What to expect after you submit your application...

  • Once your application is submitted, it takes 24-48 hours for the id number to generate. You can call the customer service at Manhattan Life Insurance Company for the id#. (800.999.2971)
  • Once approved and your premium has been processed, you can request a copy of your policy from the carrier or access it online. Manhattan Life Insurance Company's customer service number is 800.999.2971. You will receive a welcome letter and your id card from the Company in the mail in about 2 weeks
  • Please review your policy carefully for the terms and conditions/exclusions/waiting period
  • If your initial premium does NOT go thru, your policy may cancel as never effective.
  • There is no contract, however, there is 6 month waiting period from your cancellation date if you decide to cancel and later decide to sign up again. It is the insured's responsibility to check with the provider/carrier for any pending claims prior to cancellation